A Data Structure is a way of defining, storing and retrieving data in a structural and systematic way. A data structure may contain different type of data items.

Types of Data Structures Edit

Data structure availability may vary based on programming languages. There are generally two types of data structures: linear and non-linear.

Linear Data Structures Edit

A linear data structure has linearly arranged data items. The next item can be located in next memory address. It is stored and accessed in a sequential manner.

Non-Linear Data Structures Edit

A non-linear data structure is one in which each data item is connected to several other data items, such that a data item has the possibility to reach one-or-more data items.

  • Hash Table
  • Heaps
  • Trees
    • Binary Search Trees
  • Graph

Operations on Data Structures Edit

The following operations can be performed on any data structure:

  • Insertion: Adding a data item.
  • Deletion: Removing a data item.
  • Traversal: Accessing and/or printing all data items.
  • Searching: Finding a particular data item.
  • Sorting: Arranging data items in a pre-defined sequence.